About Me

Photo: Jose Villa

I have always enjoyed planning.  In my career as a Controller and CFO, I planned company trips for annual meetings.  Initially I did the event planning so that I could mind the budget from start to finish.  Ultimately, I continued planning because the creative aspect of hosting events in locations as varied as Saratoga Springs, Chicago, San Diego and Cabo San Lucas was fun for me.  I enjoyed searching for the right location and hotel, scouting out restaurants, activities and entertainment, sourcing welcome gifts and setting up the logistics. 

After planning my son and daughter in law’s wedding, I decided putting together such a magical experience is something I want to do again and again!  I love the challenge of finding the perfect venue and the best vendors, and producing a visually beautiful event for a joyful celebration.  Coordinating the details of the wedding day or the wedding weekend delight me; tracking the budget and making the vision a reality are the goal! 

I love lists. I am obsessed with wedding talk, wedding pictures and wedding research.  I cannot refuse a piece of chocolate cake and I cannot help but laugh out loud.  I believe that the joy you feel on your wedding day (or on your daughter or son’s wedding day) will light you from within.  You’ll know this is true once you see your pictures. 

I welcome the opportunity to help you with your special day.  I offer different levels of service to work with your planning needs.  Let’s chat!